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Jensen Ackles filming a fight scene for 10.07 (09/16/2014) [x]

Jensen Ackles. Actor. Director. Stunt Performer.

Supernatural staged a big Dean Winchester stunt fight in Arch Alley off Victory Square in downtown Vancouver yesterday. Our Dean looks a little demonic in these scenes. Is Deamon back? Or will he always be part of Dean now.

One sequence of the fight takes his opponent up onto the hood of the silver SUV where he smashes through the window.

Another sequence — filmed separately – had him coming out of the smashed glass windshield to continue the fight.

Only in the final take did the stunt double actually smash through the “candy glass” windshield with a loud bang and come out snarling. Jensen Ackles raised his arms in victory and the crew cheered at a job well done. Lights out.

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